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Telling a Story with Data

July 12, 2017
1:00pm - 2:00pm EST


This presentation will feature practical examples and pointers on data-driven best practices, as developed by such experts as Tufte, Cleveland and Tukey. Coverage areas will include:

  1. Organizing principles: How to structure a story
  2. Using headlines
  3. Description vs. insights
  4. Making clearer charts and displays
  5. Using perception and pre-attentive processing
  6. Putting it all together


Dr. Steven Struhl, PhD, MBA, MA

Dr. Struhl has 30 years’ experience in consulting and research, focusing on applying advanced methods to strategic goals, and framing results and explanations so decision makers can use them effectively. His work addresses how buying decisions are made and understanding consumer groups and their motivations. Steven’s experience before starting Converge Analytic includes serving 15 years as Senior Vice President, Senior Methodologist at Total Research (later Harris Interactive). Earlier experience includes working as Director of Market Research at SPSS, Inc., where he guided development of new statistical software. He also held senior positions at Harris Bank/Bank of Montreal and before that in advertising at Draft/FCB.

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