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Top 10 Uses of Machine Learning in Marketing


Machine learning and AI have seen ever-expanding adoption by marketers in recent years, but many people still wonder what AI can really contribute in a world that is driven so much by insight and creativity. To answer that, this session will present the most popular Marketing use cases for machine learning, such as:

  1. “Multi-armed bandits” for content optimization (to speed up insight from A/B testing about what’s working)
  2. AI-based content generation for things like market updates and sports updates -- done in a way that improves engagement, as compared to simple tables.
  3. Marketing mix attribution to uncover which elements of the online and offline marketing mix are contributing how much to business results.
  4. Chat bots and customer experience automation – ideas which recently seemed futuristic, but now are quite practical and inexpensive to implement.

These are four examples from the webinar. We’ll review a full list of ten relevant Marketing applications for machine learning and AI (and why these are the Top Ten).

Bonus Topic: How machine learning is replacing classic statistical methods to improve the accuracy of traditional predictive models.



Jim Griffin

Americas Director
Cartesian DataSciences

Jim Griffin has twenty years of analytics, CRM, and loyalty experience in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. His work with machine learning in marketing ranges across Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost), genetic algorithms, k-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), linear programming, Random Forest, Support Vector Machine (SVM), User-Based Collaborative Filtering (UBCF), and ensemble models. Jim works with a team of 200 data scientists who have done machine learning-based projects, focused on segment of one, customer lifetime value, marketing mix modelling, and various marketing optimization and customer predictive models.

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What You'll Learn

  • checkmark What is machine learning? What is AI? And how are they different?
  • checkmark What is the sweet spot for machine learning, as applied to marketing?
  • checkmark 10 uses of machine learning and AI that are well understood and ready now

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