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Using the Latest Tricks to Analyze Big Data


The availability of big data is now allowing companies to gain insight on topics that were difficult to ascertain just a few years ago. While companies feel they have a gold mine of information ready to be dissected and analyzed, they have stumbled onto new problems.

Typical statistics used for summarization, estimation and prediction cannot easily be applied to large data. There is a need for improved methods.

Join us on Dec. 13 when Dr. Tomeka Hill-Thomas, Lead Data Scientist and Associate Director of Workforce Analytics for Ernst & Young, discusses innovative ways to:

  1. clean data using the R statistical software,
  2. use the latest visualization techniques to identify data patterns,
  3. use principal component analysis (PCA) for direct reduction of dimensionality to address issues of data storage, and
  4. use different tricks and techniques to address modeling problems, providing insight on more applicable methodologies.

This webinar offers a brief introduction to the latest statistical tools and methods used to manipulate and analyze the data.



Dr. Tomeka Hill-Thomas

Lead Data Scientist and Associate Director of Workforce Analytics
Ernst & Young

Dr. Tomeka Hill-Thomas is an expert labor economist and statistician. Currently, she works as the Lead Data Scientist and Associate Director of Workforce Analytics for Ernst & Young. She is most known for her unique ability of using big data to identify and provide insight on current trends. She is also a distinguished author with an extensive list of publications and presentations that address economic and policy questions including employment trends, the health of the economy, employee retirement behavior and savings strategies. Dr. Hill-Thomas has a B.S. in Mathematics from Duke University, a M.S. in Statistics from American University and a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University. She currently lives in the Chicago area with her husband Desmond and children.

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