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What To Expect At &THEN16


&THEN is packed full of unprecedented opportunities and premier events, all designed to help you to spark your passion for marketing and boost your skills for the year ahead. It’s a 3-day experience crammed with visionary thought leaders, successful brands and marketing technology.

With so much going on, figuring out what’s most relevant for your needs could be a challenge. So, we invite you to join us for one of two FREE 30-minute webinars with DMA’s Conference & Events team in order to make sense of it all!

You’ll hear all about the &THEN Experience—from the Inspirations to the Experience Zone to the concert on Monday night—so that you can work out your own &THEN experience before you leave your desk. Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask any specific questions you have about the program—and get answers from the people who know it inside out.

And if you haven’t made the decision to come… this may just make up your mind, as well as equip you to convince your boss that &THEN is an investment worth making!


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