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Findings from the Forrester/DMA Q3 2016 Global State of Loyalty Survey


Loyalty programs have evolved tremendously since their inception. What are the challenges and success of current day loyalty programs and the strategies marketers are adopting to push their customer loyalty initiatives forward? Forrester analyst, Emily Collins, will host a webinar to discuss the findings from the Forrester/DMA Q3 2016 Global State of Loyalty Online Survey.

This webinar will cover findings in the following topics:

  • Current trends in loyalty marketing - strategy, goals, and organization
  • Loyalty insights - measurement, data, and analytics
  • Structured loyalty programs



Emily Collins

Senior Analyst

Emily is a senior analyst focused on customer loyalty, with an emphasis on trends, technologies, services, and analytics. She helps marketing clients navigate the evolving customer loyalty landscape and develop intelligence-driven loyalty strategies and programs. Her research examines consumer attitudes and the tools, skills, and processes required for B2C Marketing Professionals to successfully foster meaningful relationships with their best customers.

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