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Automating the “Last Mile” to 1:1 Offers that Lift Revenue and Loyalty | Practical B2C Analytics to Personalize Recommendations to Each Customer


Marketing automation has delivered astonishing efficiencies in “how” and “when” companies reach their customers. So now we swamp customers with messages to the point they’ve become less effective. However, the research indicates “what” is being communicated in those messages to customers is far more important than how, when, or how often. But always knowing exactly “what” offer is most likely to motivate each individual customer to buy has been hard to solve reliably and affordably. Learn about techniques to automate the “last mile” in marketing: The right “what” to say that makes the most of those precious few opportunities when you have the customer’s attention.

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Peter Moloney

Loyalty Builders

Peter Moloney is CEO of Loyalty Builders, Inc., a new kind of customer analytics company specializing in delivering simple solutions to practical marketing problems, such as lifting revenue from existing marketing campaigns to customers. Mr. Moloney has a 30-year career as a marketing, corporate strategy, and investment executive for IT technology companies, including over 10 years as CEO/MD of marketing and strategic services companies.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark The various approaches to “personalize” marketing across channels.
  • checkmark The true cost and complexity of predicting customer purchases and making relevant offers at the individual level.
  • checkmark Automated techniques and step-by-step approaches that keep it simple, repeatable, and just plain work.

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