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Can B2C Companies Predict What Every Single Customer Will Buy and When? The Realities vs. Myths of Predictive Customer Analytics


Marketing’s most important job is to get people to buy your products or services. So what if you could wave a wand and suddenly know which of your customers were ready to buy and what they would buy? Even with today’s advances in data science, is this remotely possible? What would it cost? And if you could do it, what exactly should you do with that information?

This webinar for B2C marketing professionals will sift through the clutter of what’s real, what’s practical, and what’s just plain false or impossible when it comes to using data to predict when and what offers to customers will get them to buy more. A particular emphasis will be placed on the trade-offs between cost, practicality, and effectiveness of various approaches.


Peter Moloney

Loyalty Builders, Inc.

Peter Moloney is CEO of Loyalty Builders, Inc., a new kind of customer analytics company specializing in delivering simple solutions to practical marketing problems, such as lifting revenue from existing marketing campaigns to customers. Mr. Moloney has a 30-year career as a marketing, corporate strategy, and investment executive for IT technology companies, including over 10 years as CEO/MD of marketing and strategic services companies.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark What it really means to “predict” buying behavior.
  • checkmark Big Data theory versus practical application for marketing analytics.
  • checkmark The proper role of “real-time” behavior monitoring in predicting buyer interest.
  • checkmark The other 80% of the problem they seldom talk about.
  • checkmark The right ways to use predictive data in marketing campaigns.
  • checkmark The payoff: What is the revenue lift opportunity, for what cost?

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