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Why CMOs Must Deliver on Multichannel Communications: Omnichannel, Multichannel and Cross-channel Defined


The days when customers did business through a single channel are long gone. Yet, many companies are still struggling to find the right customer communications strategy.

When it comes to customer engagement, there are three terms that have been the source of much confusion and argument among industry analysts, technology vendors, practitioners and businesses today – multichannel, omnichannel and cross-channel communications.

What do these terms really mean? How do they impact your business?

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • The definitions of omni-channel, multichannel and cross-channel communications
  • Defining the next level of customer communications for your organization
  • How to find the right tools to accomplish your customer communications goals



Arianna Valentini

Product Marketing Manager
GMC Software Technology

Arianna Valentini is a product marketing manager at GMC Software Technology. Arianna’s focus in on product messaging including but not limited to roadmaps, whitepapers, and thought leadership sessions. Prior to joining GMC, Arianna spent three years as a research analyst holding positions at top industry firms, IDC and InfoTrends. While an analyst, Arianna’s research focus was on the impacts of cloud, mobile, big data, and social media in the enterprise. Arianna also has extensive experience in driving transformation in service provider environments. She holds a BFA and MS, from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Rich Lloyd

Vice President of Sales, Service Providers
GMC Software

Rich has been in the printing industry for his entire professional career and has given numerous presentations on various industry topics. A few years back at Drupa, Rich was asked to talk about the latest trends in publishing and the effect that they have on digital printing. The feedback that he received from those sessions was that he was very passionate, excitable, engaging, and attentive, which pretty much sums up how Rich operates.....the tall guy who gets super jazzed about printing.

After all of these years and all the of the changes that we've seen, Rich still absolutely loves talking and listening to others in the industry about their experiences, successes, and even failures, so that he can help others navigate the complexities of technology and help them connect with solutions that will have a positive impact on their business and align with their companies’ strategic goals.

Rich has a firm understanding of the dramatic changes that have occurred over the past several years within publishing, direct marketing, and digital printing and has been a frequent speaker at numerous events and tradeshows on various topics such as the value of color, the complexities behind business critical applications, digital publishing, and data-driven communications.

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