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The Cost of Returns in Ecommerce and How to Reduce Them


Ecommerce returns represent significant costs for eTailers. In this brief but data-packed webinar, you will learn what the impact is on your business and how easy it is to take control of the problem to improve the bottom line as well as increase customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

  • Learn what the true costs of returns are.
  • Understand how your data is a critical driver of returns.
  • Learn how you can reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction.



Rolf Gehrung

Director of Sales

Rolf…. pronounced like “Golf” except with an “R” has been called everything from a Sales Mercenary to a Master at managing and leading through adversity and distraction. Over the last 20+ Years, he has rocked positions in Sales, Sales Management and Business Development for a wide range of organizations to include start-ups and Fortune 100 companies. His primary specialization is in sales process and operations. With that experience, he has learned that you manage Things and lead People. If you want to be a Marketer, you have to think like a Consumer. Rolf likes technology (most of the time) but prefers talking to texting. In his spare time, he writes songs and performs over 70 gigs a year. He’s a wine maker, dad, and chief automotive mechanic. In his spare, spare time, he builds stuff.

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