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Data 101: What All Marketers Need to Know


Data is foundational to the success of your marketing efforts. Data is everywhere these days and it’s likely, as a marketer, that you do – or will – use it regularly. But what do you do if you’ve never quite learned the data basics? Don’t worry, we won’t call you out; we’re here to help! Oracle Data Cloud’s Data Lab is on a mission to educate and empower agencies and brands to help understand data so you can connect more deeply with your customers. Leave this webinar with defining terms you need to know, real world examples and and next steps for you to begin utilizing in your marketing strategies. Tune into this 101 training session led by Joni Castorino, Senior Manager of Partner Solutions at Oracle Data Cloud, for this thorough introduction on how to navigate in this ever-changing ecosystem.

  • This webinar will offer an introduction into data for marketing strategies in a judgment free zone!
  • Discover the differences between data types and how to effectively use them.
  • Have buzzwords like deterministic and probabilistic decoded so that you can make the right decisions on when and how to incorporate.
  • Gain real world examples to understand the practical application of using data for your marketing strategies.
  • Leave the webinar feeling empowered with your new data knowledge and start connecting more deeply with you customers.



Joni Castorino

Senior Manager, Partner Solutions
Oracle Data Cloud

Joni is Senior Manager of Partner Solutions at Oracle Data Cloud. A communications graduate of Ithaca College in New York, the call of the Wild West brought Joni to Denver soon after graduation. She spent 15 years of her career working for independent companies, advertising agencies, digital firms and data companies. From that extensive experience, Joni learned how to work on the big picture: branding and identity, marketing plans, public relations, client acquisition and retention. She spent the latter years of her career in the digital space finding her way into data-driven marketing, helping clients and customers avoid wasting valuable advertising dollars on campaigns and finding more successful ways to reach your target market.

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