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How Data and Analytics can Drive Growth for Mid-Market Enterprises


Data is critical to marketers as it helps identify, validate and prioritize new initiatives. While there is no shortage in data sources, figuring out how to leverage large volumes of data to identify high performing segments and channels is a challenge. Analytics is the key to accurate and real-time decisioning in the marketing industry. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science practices are making it possible to quickly and repeatedly evaluate large amounts of data to reveal unique identifiers, segmentations and patterns that increase conversions.

However, this requires the right resources and talent to implement. To better compete with industry leaders, small to mid-market companies must address their advanced analytics capabilities, which means evaluating and deciding whether to implement a data science practice or choose a partner. Each approach has its unique challenges and benefits. Key takeaways include:

  • Specific consumer behavioral insights that AI, machine learning and data science can reveal
  • A SWOT analysis of adding internal AI and data science capabilities vs partnering
  • Critical first steps for implementing data science capabilities
  • What to look for in an AI, machine learning or data analytics provider
  • Examples of how to leverage AI for a category of consumer data to drive analytics-based decisioning



Mark Janz

Business Development Director
Infutor Data Solutions

Focuses on delivering insights and intelligence to enterprise organizations around the country concentrating on improving the customer experience and providing a greater depth of knowledge on the consumer identity. Previous to joining Infutor, Mark spent his career with Salesforce and CEB, driving organizational success through large software and consulting implementations.


Asif Ahmed

Vice President of Analytics
Infutor Data Solutions

Asif currently works as head of Infutor's Analytics strategy, delivering strategic and actionable consumer intelligence based on its industry leading consumer identities and profile insights. Again, Identities, Attributes and Insight (aka Analytics). Asif has deep expertise in bringing enterprise software solutions to market in multiple domains including E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Data Warehousing, Big Data and Analytics.

Prior to Infutor, Ahmed was the Vice President of Product Management at Aginity Inc., an enterprise analytics management software provider, where he was responsible for driving the product strategy, development and product marketing for the company’s flagship Analytics Management Platform (AMP). Previously he has also vice president of product and operations for SmartMD, co-founder and CTO of Visibility and a consultant for both PwC and Accenture. Asif holds a MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

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