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What to Expect When AI Drives CX: Machine Learning for Seemingly Prophetic Interactions


The majority of digital marketers and AI enthusiasts are excited about the prospects of predictive analytics and machine learning, but are mystified about where to begin, how to prepare or what to expect. Of those who did initiate a CX modeling initiative, an industry survey of practitioners reported that 51% of predictive analytics projects either never left the ground, did not realize value, or the results were not measurable.

The presenter is an active enterprise-level analytic consultant who will convey key considerations for identifying and prioritizing valid analytic opportunities as well as leading implementation teams. This event will distill the hype around AI to uncover the productive realities. He will addresses the cultural, environmental, team and resource issues that impact the overall analytic function and competitive potential in mid-sized and large organizations. Attendees who are truly intentional about leveraging machine-learning for measured gain in data-driven CX are perfect candidates for this live webinar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify, qualify and prioritize viable and actionable analytic opportunities for CX
  • Learn why most predictive analytics projects fail and the main implementation pitfalls to avoid
  • Put AI into context and learn the strategies required to run a value-focused analytics operation



Keith McCormick

Senior Consultant
The Modeling Agency LLC

Keith McCormick is a highly accomplished professional consultant, mentor, and trainer, having served as keynote and moderator at international conferences focused on analytic practitioners and leadership alike. As a Senior Consultant with The Modeling Agency LLC, Keith holds a unique blend of tactical and strategic skill along with the business acumen to ensure superior project design, oversight and measurable outcomes that align with organizational priorities.

Keith serves as the lead clinician and panelist in some monthly live online analytics show, The Analytics Clinic™. Keith runs machine learning experiments live onscreen to test different analytics approaches and perspectives. A seasoned panel of data scientist leaders then uncovers challenges and opportunities for the winning clinic results within the realities of today’s complex organizational environments and cultures. There is no cost for live participation. Details for this month’s experiential event as well as registration and a schedule for future topics are posted at:


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