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Personalize or Die – The Art and Science of Relevance in Conversion


Customer experience today is almost universally poor – marketers target consumers by the million, blasting them with irrelevant emails, stalking them around the web with annoying ads, and when they arrive at a site, they are hit with merchandising what the site needs to sell, ignoring whether it might be of any relevance to the customer.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As customers navigate a site, they are giving us lots of signals about their intent – what they are interested in, and what they aren’t: the individual customer’s context. These signals of intent enable sites to transform the customer experience into one that is uniquely individual. But in order to do this we need to listen to what our customers are telling us.


Charles Nicholls

SVP of Product Strategy
Hybris Software & CEC SAP

In his role as SVP of Product Strategy at hybris software & CEC SAP, Charles is responsible for driving the strategy for the CEC marketing, customer experience and customer data solutions portfolio at hybris SAP. He brings deep expertise in buyer behavior, and how marketers can leverage behavioral data to engage with customers most effectively across the customer journey.

Before joining SAP, he founded behavioral marketing company SeeWhy, which was acquired by SAP in June 2014, serving first as CEO then as chief strategy officer. SeeWhy grew from an idea, which he patented, into a leader in its field with more than 4,000 customers deployed on its SaaS platform. Prior to SeeWhy, he held a series of leadership, product and marketing roles at HNC, Sybase and Business Objects.

Recognized as a leading industry expert on e-commerce, web analytics, and online buyer behavior, Charles also specializes in optimizing conversion across the customer buying experience and, in this regard, founded the Conversion Academy which he serves as chairman. He is also a market analyst, blogger, commentator and contributor to e-commerce and analytics publications including Mashable, Forbes, ClickZ, Practical eCommerce, CustomerThink and BusinessWeek.

Charles holds a BA (Hons) in business, majoring in marketing, and the Marketing Diploma from the Institute of Marketing.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark In this session, using hard data and lots of examples, we’ll show you how to leverage ‘contextual’ marketing and merchandising to make the customer experience dramatically better, and in doing so reinvent the way that we think about conversions.

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