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How Real World, Real Time Data is Transforming Marketing as we Know it


Join Pitney Bowes data experts for this webinar on how location context data can drive improved lift and scale. Rob Minaglia, Vice President Sales and Andy Bell, Director Global Data Product Management will discuss how to leverage location context data to add precision and accuracy to improve mobile audience segmentation, location analytics, advertising attribution and geo-targeting which rely on correlating mobile trace signals to places. For marketers, agencies and DSP’s who are looking to build their own ‘location stack,’ Pitney Bowes will discuss the following:

  1. Creating better performing or unique audiences at scale, by correlating location trace signals to places with greater resolution, context and accuracy
  2. Enriching audiences with geo-demographics, lifestyle attributes and “smart” reverse geocoding - to the census block or other boundaries, including neighborhoods
  3. Geo-enriching your own Place data
  4. Enabling geo-filters and geo-fencing for targeting, push notifications and more informed creative – across brands, categories, and places
  5. Enabling footfall attribution across 2000 brands
  6. Inserting “Search and Display” near me into mobile apps
  7. Eliminating complexity in leveraging location reference data



Andy Bell

Director of Global Data Product Management
Pitney Bowes Software

Andy Bell is Director of Global Data Product Management at Pitney Bowes Software, responsible for the global location data portfolio. Andy has accumulated a wealth of experience over 25 years in data and analytics, leading teams involved in retail location analysis, product development, data science and GIS. He has previously worked for GlaxoSmithKline, BellHanson, GMAP and CallCredit instigating a number of innovative data developments including the development of an International suite of geodemographic consumer classifications which now covers 37 countries. Andy is currently driving the location data strategy for Pitney Bowes identifying and developing new and innovative data products to meet new and exciting client demands.


Rob Minaglia

Software Vice President of OEM Sales
Pitney Bowes Software

As Pitney Bowes Software Vice President of OEM Sales, Minaglia’s charter is to enrich software, mobile, SaaS and cloud platforms with Pitney Bowes’ location intelligence and data quality portfolio. His role is to help clients improve and personalize their customers’ experience, and increase revenues by differentiating their offerings and serving new markets.

Prior to joining Pitney Bowes in 2015 (see Linked In profile), Minaglia worked with both public and private technology companies in sales, strategy and channel development roles.

Minaglia has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University, and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He resides with his wife and family in Connecticut.

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