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State of the Industry: Customer Identification through Product Registration


Registria will present key findings and market trends related to customer identification through product registration from data collected over 5 years for 100+ brands. Product registration is the primary lead source for engagement programs as well as aftermarket sales for many consumer brands. With the introduction of mobile technology, product registration has evolved to a digital engagement strategy that not only presents opportunity for significant gains for such programs, but can be leveraged across an organization. Attendees will be armed with trend information and subject matter expertise that can take back and share with other parts of their organization.


Alison Parr

SVP Consumer Durables and Electronics

Alison Parr is dedicated to consumer durables and electronics, a marketplace where she has more than two decades of invaluable experience on myriad brands. Building on her experience in the technology, marketing and database industries, Alison is a recognized expert in developing and executing next-gen ownership experiences that address manufacturers’ unique needs. Alison has piloted initiatives to promote direct consumer relationships and increase revenues for leading organizations such as Oakley, LG and Whirlpool. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Arizona.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Customer Identification and Product Registration
  • checkmark Overview
  • checkmark Impact of Mobile Technology
  • checkmark Impact on Customer Behavior
  • checkmark Profile of Registrants
  • checkmark Who they are (Demographics and Lifestyle)
  • checkmark What they register (Which industries have the most valuable registrations?)
  • checkmark How they register (mobile, web, paper)

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