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How Brands Are Using Data to Drive Better Email Engagement and Higher ROI


Major global brands face enormous challenges when it comes to email marketing. They're expected to deliver relevant, personalized, and timely communications to millions of customers, fans, followers, and advocates, which gets increasingly complex to pull off as companies collect more and more data on behaviors and interactions.

In this webinar, MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette walks through the unique challenges faced by global enterprise marketers today and how they're using data to enhance the customer experience and achieve higher ROI. Email marketers will learn:

  • Proven strategies for increasing engagement and revenue with personalized content
  • Tips and ideas for implementing a data-driven email program
  • New technology brands can utilize to deliver the best experience for their customers



Roger Barnette


Roger Barnette is CEO of MessageGears (www.MessageGears.com), a revolutionary email marketing technology provider that allows major global brands to deliver individualized experiences to their customers at scale in real-time. Roger is focused on helping global businesses expand their marketing reach through innovative yet practical technology and services solutions.

Roger has more than 20 years of experience leading and growing technology businesses. Prior to MessageGears, he was president and founder of IgnitionOne (acquired by Dentsu). Previous growth leadership positions include Biltmore Communications (acquired by DIRECTV) and eTour (acquired by Ask.com).

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