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Email Workflow Process Tips & Tricks


Matthew Caldwell shares email design process, tips and ideas. With over 16 years in email marketing and currently supervising 5 email teams, he’ll walk you through how his teams work and get things done with the 6 steps email design process.

  • Learning about the critically important step of "Designing into Code" and how to do it
  • Establishing a Template Master and using versioning (like software) to avoid fixing the same thing over and over again
  • Presenting your work and never 'throwing it over the fence'
  • How to efficiently manage revisions
  • How to identify the client types you’re working with



Matthew Caldwell

SVP Worldwide Creative
Yes Lifecycle Marketing

Matthew Caldwell is a 16-year veteran of email marketing design and is consumed with creating energetic layouts that look great and are impulsively clickable. An email designer since 1999, he is the founder of Yes LifeCycle Marketing's Creative.

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