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Messaging in Moments that Matter


Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time has been the goal of email marketing for more than a decade – yet it is still a frequent topic of conversation. Why? Because truly achieving the ability to message in the moments that matter most is not an easy task to accomplish. But with new innovations in the email channel, such as machine learning, kinetic email capabilities and enhanced analytics capabilities, we have the ability to know the customer, personalize their experience and continually learn from them to deliver the best interactions possible – while maximizing ROI for the channel.

Achieving relevance in today’s consumer landscape is all about delivering the right experience in a moment that matters. Those moments are defined by unique and individualized points within a consumer’s everyday life allowing for the ability to bring data, technology and creative together. Messaging to customers in these moments can drive long-term success for brands.

Having real-time access to the right data is critical to accomplishing moment messaging, but having data alone isn’t enough. You need to be able to take that information and translate it to meaningful interactions with the customer at various points through their journey.

The goal of “Moment Marketing” is to engage in a true dialogue with consumers. Not to just talk at them, but to have a real exchange — a conversation — with them. This level of communication is how you build true, meaningful relationship with your customers and to drive their loyalty to your brand.

After this presentation you will know more about how to:

  • Activate your data to message in the moment
  • Implement creative tactics and approaches to enable machine learning within your email program
  • Learn how to consider and apply real-time data to deliver immediate, personalized experiences for your customers
  • Use visual and interactive effects to boost engagement and give your readers control over how they interact with your contact
  • Hear case studies about how other brands are utilizing these techniques



Kara Trivunovic

Vice President & General Manager, Digital Solutions

As an email marketing veteran dating back to 1999, Kara has been actively involved in programmatic email development, execution, and strategy in a variety of senior positions on the client, agency, and provider side. Kara was founder and principal of The Email Advisor, a respected email marketing consultancy focusing on email strategy and channel optimization that was subsequently acquired by an enterprise email service provider in 2009. Over the course of her career she has had the opportunity to work with a variety of brands and global organizations structuring a variety of custom email education programs, conceptualizing and implementing new and innovative email programs, optimizing contact strategies, and developing staffing and budget plans. Kara currently serves as the VP, General Manager, Digital at Epsilon.

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