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The Operationally Efficient Email Marketer


We’re called #emailgeeks for a reason. Email marketers are passionate about crafting campaigns that deliver value, drive sales, and increase loyalty from their subscribers. We’re consumed with the psychology of our audience and the potential email has to reach them. We obsess over how email can enhance the overall experience someone has with our brand. We care deeply about sending great emails that surprise and delight our customers. But more and more today, the job of enterprise email marketers skews heavily toward purely operational tasks instead of the creative marketing effort that got many of us interested in this line of work.

This webinar talks about how email marketers are dealing with this challenge, and how it’s impacting both the overall job they do, and their satisfaction level while doing it.



Will Devlin

Sr. Director, Marketing

A 15-year veteran of the email marketing industry, Will has built and led the marketing organization at MessageGears since 2014. Prior to joining the Atlanta-based enterprise ESP, he led marketing and strategic services at ShopVisible, an eCommerce software provider acquired by Epicor, and previously spent nearly a decade managing eCommerce and customer service for Gander Mountain and Overton’s, an Internet Retailer Top 250 company.


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