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Send Great Email: How to truly Communicate, Captivate and Connect with every Customer


Email and the Web are critical resources for marketers. Those two mediums are more important to those with visual disabilities. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide and over 5% of the world’s population. To give that some perspective, there are 325 million people in the United States.

The accessibility barriers to print, audio, and visual media can be much more easily overcome through digital technologies if they are developed with accessibility in mind. This very important aspect is often overlooked when marketers build their email campaigns and landing pages. By attending this webinar, you will be equipped with the knowledge to quickly and easily transform your emails and landing pages to be accessible for those visually impaired.

Help be a part of the movement in ensuring those with disabilities are able to use and contribute to the digital world more effectively. It is essential that our emails and websites are accessible in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to those with disabilities.

  • Understand why considering accessibility within your email design is critical to the success of your campaigns
  • Quick and easy email code changes that will allow you to communicate, captivate and connect with your subscribers
  • How Accessibility technologies are going to change the way we interact with email



John Thies

CEO and Co-Founder
Email on Acid

John Thies is the CEO and Co-Founder of Email on Acid, a service that gives email marketers a preview of how their emails are displayed in the most popular email clients and mobile devices. His career passion is helping marketers send perfect emails. John also serves as the CEO of Cause for Awareness, a recently formed non-profit that empowers other non-profit organizations with digital marketing resources. When he isn’t working he’s either on the golf course or snowboarding in the fresh Colorado powder. He resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife and son.


Mark Talley

Marketing Manager
J.P. Morgan Chase

Marketing Manager with 20+ years of experience in digital marketing across multiple industries – currently at J.P. Morgan Chase as the Product Owner for the Chase Marketing Platform.

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