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Subscription Bombing


In mid-2016 a new threat to email marketing emerged: subscription bombing. Subscription bombing is a form of harassment where a few target email addresses are added to thousands upon thousands of email marketing lists. ESPs are working hard to mitigate the negative effects on their customers and recipients, but they cannot manage the whole process for marketers.

This webinar will discuss:

  • What subscription bombing actually is.
  • Why marketers should care.
  • What steps the industry is mitigating the effects of these attacks.
  • What steps marketers should take to protect their mailing lists.

Participants will leave the webinar with actionable information to:

  • Evaluate risks to their own subscription forms,
  • Discuss mitigation techniques with internal staff including developers, and
  • Leverage shared industry knowledge for their own email programs.



Laura Atkins

Founder & CEO
Word to the Wise

Word to the Wise founder and CEO Laura Atkins is perhaps best known for her popular industry blog, where she has contributed 1,500+ posts on all things email.

Laura works with both enterprise and startup organizations to mitigate and manage mailing risks, respond to spam complaints, and interact more effectively with ISPs. She works with clients to define email-related goals and to build sustainable email marketing programs. Laura also helps mediate delivery and blocking issues with anti-spam blacklists and internet service providers.

Before founding Word to the Wise, Laura led the outsourced abuse desk group for the Mail Abuse Prevention System, the industry’s first anti-spam blacklist, educating ISPs on managing abuse issues across the email ecosystem.

With a background in molecular biology, Laura is well-suited to investigating and troubleshooting complex processes from scientific and analytical perspectives, allowing her to expertly investigate and resolve complex email delivery problems.

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