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Trigger your Customers’ Buy Response


We’ll discuss how trigger emails have been successful in transforming the email communication into an active conversation vs a simple reflexive response. Once upon a time, marketers would respond to action (put something in a cart- hit the prospect with an abandoned shopping cart trigger) or data point (birthday? Dog, we got this- Birthday Trigger). Today, we have the opportunity to use triggers for a dialogue. We know what the individual has searched, or downloaded; and if we’ve created personas, we would be doing a disservice by not sending a personalized response with a question, suggestion or data point that may drive behavior.

Triggers allow for an ongoing conversation between marketing and prospect, until they’re moved into a purchase or over to sales (generally as a B2B play). Marketing’s role is now to facilitate an active engagement to uncover more pain and help prospects understand the differentiations and advantages of your product or service. To do this as a one off is nightmarish, but to utilize automation and smart triggers, we can isolate several conversations to allow for a much more natural conversational flow with prospects.



Per Caroe

Head of Sales and BD

Per Caroe is Head of Sales and Business Development for iPost, and ESP that focuses on making bullet-proof email marketing tools with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Previously, he was a senior market strategist, consultant, coach and global speaker for IBM. He has been consulting and managing sales people in the behavioral marketing space for over a decade and helped many marketing agencies and marketers expand their scope from basic spray and pray to a more impactful methodology that employs leads scoring, behavioral marketing and focused marketing communications. Having been responsible for marketing strategies, budgets and deliverables as a marketing executive, Per is familiar with marketers’ daily lives and pains.


Michael Gentleman

Head of BD
Fresh Relevance

Michael has over 10 years of experience in the email and marketing automation space, and has a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and cross-channel e-commerce optimization. Based in Boston, Michael is the Head of North American Partnerships and works with our technology and agency partners to help them and their clients get the most out of the Fresh Relevance real-time personalization platform.

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