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Combining Different Channels to Reach Your Customers


Billions of dollars are spent on auto insurance every year in the US. The industry has many competing providers, large and small, national and local. All of them want to reach car drivers with branding and messages that stand out, convince, and help generate policies.

Marketers must find the most effective channels for their companies and their customers. There are many choices and they're changing fast. And for most marketers, resources are limited.

Integrating marketing messages across channels can provide more touch points with your target audience, reinforce messaging, and save budget. It's not as easy as it sounds, though.

This webinar will review some real world insurance marketing campaigns by Amica Mutual. It will show how efforts to integrate marketing channels bring challenges and teach some lessons.


  1. Learn how to get your teams and outside resources working together
  2. Discover how to tailor your messages to specific channels

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Norman Quesnel

Sr. Marketing Specialist
Amica Mutual Insurance


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