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Meet the “DIGITAL” USPS – Your New Integrated Marketing Partner


Learn how the USPS is flexing its digital muscle via their Informed Delivery Program to help alert customers to your impending mail.

To automate the sortation and delivery of mail, USPS® digitally images the front of every mail piece that runs through automated equipment. Now the USPS is using those images for a second purpose: to provide mail delivery notifications in advance of the delivery of physical mail. You see the front image of the mail (not the inside contents) in an email compiled and delivered daily. Business mailers who are participating in the pilot program have the ability to display relevant digital content related to mail piece images included in this email. There's also a MTAC Workgroup 174, Informed Delivery™ App established in September 2015.

This Workgroup reached out to our DMA member community for support on program critical success factors, including if there is any measurable increase in requests to be added to the DMA Do Not Mail file.

Also find out about the current consumer facing pilot services in VA and NY metro areas along with the Postmaster General's vision of a national roll out in 2017.

The DMA Integrated Marketing Community is pleased to sponsor this enlightening look at the future and how this new service can partner with your integrated marketing efforts.

Sponsored by the DMA Integrated Marketing Community. DMA members who sign-up for this webinar will automatically be included in this Community to stay informed of future calls and activities.


Carrie Bornitz

Product Development Specialist
USPS New Products and Innovation

Jody Berenblatt

Senior Analyst
GrayHair Advisors

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark See how American households can sign up for an email preview of what's coming to their mailbox
  • checkmark Gain insights into pilot program participants based on recent survey results
  • checkmark Learn how business mailers can leverage this new digital channel and how to participate in the pilot program today

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