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How Mobile Registration Generated Millions for NordicTrack


Identifying and developing valuable direct relationships with customers has always been a challenge for manufacturers of consumer products. Most product manufacturers still rely on their customers to mail in their contact information on post-card sized product registration forms. Unfortunately, fewer than 10 percent of these cards ever get filled out, and only half of the product data is typically accurate.

Enter mobile technology as a product registration method. With 57 percent of product registrations on a mobile device being completed within the first two weeks after a purchase, 10 percent of those are completed within the first 24 hours. This shift in behavior gives brands the ability to quickly and easily identify and engage with their customers in order to trigger aftermarket sales, activate warranties or provide low cost customer service.

This presentation will include data from a study that shows how digital – namely mobile – methods have changed the way companies collect customer data via product registration, and will outline a case study from Nordic Track (owned by ICON Health and Fitness). We’ll look at the results the company has achieved, including significant gains in product registrations in a pilot – from 10 percent up to 38 percent on one product – using a mobile registration solution.

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Nick Palmer

Universal Technical Services

Nick Palmer is the Director of Universal Technical Services, a subsidiary of ICON Health & Fitness, the largest manufacturer of in-home fitness equipment in the world. Universal Technical Services provides extended service offerings for ICON products, which include notable brands such as NordicTrack, Proform, Healthrider, and FreeMotion. With more than 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Nick has held several positions within ICON Health & Fitness, and was promoted to his current role in 2006. As director, he is charged with generating additional revenue in an already thriving business. After learning that only about 10 percent of ICON products sold were being registered by buyers, Nick enlisted the help of Registria who specializes in increasing manufacturer’s customer registration rates up to 4x. With a defined CRM program, Nick has turned a $1 million investment into a $4 million ROI in 18 months.

Chris Howley

Manager of Analytics and Reporting

Chris Howley is the Manager of Analytics and Reporting at Registria, the leading provider of SaaS product registration solutions for manufacturers. Chris has over 25 years’ experience in sales, marketing, research, analytics and business intelligence. Having worked in the field many years as a direct response marketer, data analyst and data scientist in consumer, B2B, B2I and non-profit spaces, Chris brings a unique, yet common-sense business approach to analysis, inference, objective and subjective evaluation of business data, transforming it into actionable intelligence. Working with Registria’s team of subject matter experts, Chris is helping craft the data-driven insights and practical and applicable takeaways that help Registria’s clients and management form rock-solid strategic direction. Chris has worked with many leading brands to develop reporting and advanced analytic solutions.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Strong data to support mobile technology as a critical evolution point for engaging customers early after a purchase
  • checkmark Best practices for implementing a mobile product registration solution – including how it impacts manufacturing processes
  • checkmark Examples of ways companies can leverage the accurate, timely customer data received through mobile, from post-sale warranties to more responsive customer service

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