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Get Your Donors to Focus on Your Impact, Not Your Overhead


Donors sometimes look at overhead ratios to determine charity effectiveness, despite these being imprecise at best and counterproductive at worst. This webinar will discuss a new study that assesses how much donors rely on overhead ratios and charity watchdogs and what techniques you can use to best show your impact. Learn the tactics that will make your appeals more persuasive to your donors.



Kevin Schulman


Before joining DonorVoice as its CEO, Kevin worked in senior management roles for large agencies, successfully launching and building research firms specializing in customer commitment and retention.
An expert on customer loyalty, commitment and relationship management he has worked with leading academics in the field of Relationship Theory to develop and apply a temporal model of how relationships form and how organizations can impact each of the key constructs.
This set of measures has proven to be is a better predictor of key behaviors (e.g. give, buy, word of mouth) than other constructs/scales (e.g. Net Promoter, brand measures, customer satisfaction.)
Working with Fortune 500 companies in the retail, consumer package goods and grocery retail sectors, Kevin has also worked extensively in nonprofit sector on brand, marketing, product and issue development.
Most recently he has led efforts to design and launch a series of innovative products all applied to donor engagement and fundraising.
Kevin is a seasoned researcher with a strong academic and practitioner background, including a B.S. from The University of Virginia, and a Masters in Survey Research from University of Michigan/University of Maryland Joint Program where he remains an advisor.


Nick Ellinger

VP of Marketing Strategy

Nick Ellinger is VP of Marketing Strategy for DonorVoice, where he works with top nonprofits to focus their direct marketing strategies on the identities and preferences of donors. Before that, he ran Mothers Against Drunk Driving’s individual giving strategy for nine years and, at various points, ran MADD's fundraising, marketing, and communications efforts, including direct marketing, databases, corporate relations, donor relations, field fundraising, major gifts outreach, Internet strategy, press strategy, and social media strategy.

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Learn when donors do, and don’t, use overhead in their decisions
  • checkmark See the power, or lack thereof, of testimonials and third-party watchdog seals of approval
  • checkmark Learn science-based tools for communicating your charity’s effectiveness in the best possible light

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