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Myths and Dark Legends: How Today’s Conventional ‘Truths’ about Fundraising Are Holding Us Back from Succeeding


Over the years, we’ve all learned a lot of basic ‘truths’ about fundraising. The only problem is – a lot of them simply aren’t true anymore. And if you’re one of those fundraisers embracing our industry’s ‘tried and true’ rules, you may get left in the dust. In this fast paced session we’ll explode a range of ‘old truths’, such as why the iconic Donor Pyramid may not be enough any more to help you truly optimize revenue. How your dependence on new donor acquisition may actually be keeping you from growing as fast as you should. And where the real big dollars may actually be coming from in the next five years (it’s probably not where you think). Sometimes, things aren’t really as they seem. Join us as we uncover tomorrow’s truths, today.

Tom Gaffny

Tom Gaffny Consulting

What You'll Learn

  • checkmark Why the American donor has all the power in the relationship … and what you must do to maximize the engagement
  • checkmark The reasons why the tried and true Donor Pyramid is outmoded … and what will replace it
  • checkmark The real key to growing your organization’s donor file


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