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&THEN – October 4-6<br />Boston

&THEN – October 4-6

August 4-5, 2015 | New York Hilton

August 4-5, 2015 | New York Hilton

ECHO Awards – October 5, 2015 – Boston, MA

ECHO Awards – October 5, 2015 – Boston, MA

$100,000 Prize Available in DMA Marketing Challenge

$100,000 Prize Available in DMA Marketing Challenge DMA brings Co-Creation Center-Stage for its Annual Conference from October 4-6 in Boston, now branded “&THEN” Contact: Mike Uehlein, New York, NY, July 23, 2015 – Building on the reinvention of more →

Columbus Blue Jackets and Stanley Steemer Share Their Marketing Insights

Last Tuesday afternoon, 40 executives from the Ohio area settled into their seats at the Highlights for Children offices in downtown Columbus. The reason for the gathering? DMA’s first community meetup—a ½ day of learning, networking and knowledge-sharing for more →

Human Data: The Powerful Differentiator

The following is a guest post by Ernan Roman (@ernanroman), President, ERDM.  “We believed that with tighter targeting we could increase engagement. By acting on insights from Voice of Customer research, we were able to go far beyond our more →

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As the global debate on data use heats up, now more than ever – marketers need a strong voice in Washington – and DMA delivers…Learn more about our Advocacy.

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