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DMA Environmental Resource Center

Part of responsible marketing is to ensure environmental sustainability. The DMA believes in fostering environmental stewardship across marketing channels. Our tools include Recommending DMA’s green goals for continuous improvement, “Green 15” toolkit, “Recycle Please” campaign and the Environmental planning tool and policy generator. This website is specifically dedicated to highlighting all the activity around Green initiatives, Green campaigns, and other Green resources.

The Green 15 Toolkit

This public recognition program asks direct marketers and suppliers to pledge to take certain steps to improve their eco-footprints.

How “green” is your organization? More and more, that question is being asked by customers, donors, business partners and policymakers. From the largest company to the smallest, environmental responsibility is a key business concern – affecting your reputation, your daily operations, your efficiency and your bottom line.

For our individual member organizations, and for the direct marketing sector as a whole, DMA recognizes that making environmentally responsible decisions is increasingly important from a social, economic, and ethical perspective. Legal concerns are present as well. Policymakers are considering proposals that would regulate direct marketing, and direct mail in particular, with some advocates citing environmental concerns in their support for such regulation.

To underscore our commitment to help marketers understand and apply environmental considerations throughout the direct marketing processes, we have created an innovative environmental action program that includes new member encouragements and requirements, educational initiatives, and tools to help you communicate with customers and business partners about your environmental commitments.

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Recycle Please Campaign

DMA’s “Recycle Please” campaign is a nationwide public education campaign that asks DMA members to display prominently the “Recycle Please” logo (click to view downloadable options) in their catalogs and direct mail pieces to encourage consumers to recycle them after reading them.

Through this campaign, DMA intends to overcome the lack of public awareness that catalogs and mixed paper can be recycled, and consequently, improve the overall recycling/recovery rate of used catalogs and direct mail in the US.

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Environmental Planning Tool and Optional Policy & Vision Statement Generator

This practical and easy-to-apply tool was created by DMA’s Committee on Environment and Social Responsibility (CESR) for you, the members of the direct marketing community. It is intended to be used by your organization to:

  1. Assist in conducting an internal evaluation of environmental practices that affect aspects of your marketing process.
  2. Help you attain Direct Marketing Association “Green 15” environmental performance compliance.
  3. Generate an environmental vision statement or policy for your organization to consider and adopt.


The planning tool provides you with a list of ideas and strategies to consider when developing internal environmental goals and/or policies. It empowers you to create and/or evaluate your internal policies and goals for continual environmental improvement, in balance with financial performance. Using the tool, you can consider your current practices and the environmental impact of your organization.

The tool is flexible. You may choose to focus on single areas in which to make improvement, set goals and build from there; or you may take a more comprehensive approach. At a minimum, the tool is designed to be educational. Using it gives you both a greater awareness of the breadth and complexity of environmental issues facing direct marketers and the means for addressing them in a practical, feasible manner.


All responsible environmental stewards should develop internal environmental vision statements, goals, and/or policies. This tool makes it easy to do. Its “generator” function enables you to create and print your own statement or policy in draft form, which you can tailor to your company based on your indicated choices. You can even “personalize” it for your company further by using the “My Comments” box at the bottom of each section.

Be sure to check with counsel to understand any legal or ethical obligations prior to making your environmental policy or statement public. And please know that citations of third-party forest certification systems, and other programs and organizations within this tool do not constitute the DMA’s endorsement or sponsorship of these programs.

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