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Advance Blog Publishing

The Advance blog has been assimilated by the corporate site to improve our flagship site’s traffic flow. The publishing process will almost be exactly the same as with the original ‘blue’ blog. Below is a video guide and a summary of how to publish articles within the ‘Corporate Advance’ blog. If you have any further questions or would like a walkthrough, please schedule a meeting with Steve Rekhkler ( and he will gladly walk you through it.

* Click here to see the video in full-screen mode.

Administration Panel

To login into the corporate WordPress administration use the following information:

  • Visit
  • Your username will be the combination of the initial of your first name and your last name. (ex. Robert Green would be: rgreen)
  • Your password will be defaulted to a set of special characters (this will be emailed)


Global Post View

Once logged in, you’ll navigate to the ‘Posts’ section in the left navigation of the admin panel. Once there, you’ll click on the ‘Add New’ button on the right-hand portion of the screen (near the word ‘Posts’). Or you can click the ‘Add New’ option in the left navigation. After the article has been created/updated, please click on the blue Update/Publish button in the right-most column of you edit screen to finalize your work.


Adding Image

After typing your post, click on the area right before the first character that you typed, this will place the cursor at the beginning of your post.


Once the cursor is there, click on the button labeled ‘Add Media’ right above text content area of the edit screen.


This will open the media manager. This manager will allow you to select your image source. Images can be selected from the WordPress media library (aka images that have already been uploaded), or from your computer.

After selecting your image, please make sure to updated the ‘Title’ and ‘Alt Text’ fields to the left. The Title field should be a capitalized title the firm or what the image represents. The Alt Text field should be the same. (Ex. If the imag was of an sponsor “DataWinner,” and the title of the actual file was ‘datawinner549d_zise1.jpg,’ then both the title and the alt text fields should contain ‘Sponsor DataWinner,’ or something to that effect.) After populating those fields, press the ‘Insert Into Post’ button to the bottom right.


Categorizing Post

In the right-most column of the Post edit screen, there is a section called “Categories.” Here is where you will select the categories for your post. By default each post must be part of the ‘Advance’ category. Once that is done, you can mark addition subcategories (under the Advance parent) that your post belongs to.


SEO Tagging

Under the general content text area of your edit screen, there will be a section called Infinite SEO. Pleas click to expand it if it has not been by default. Here is where you help the article be properly sorted by search engines like Google.

  • The Title tag should match the title of your post. (Try to avoid having long titles as this is frowned upon by SEO standards, and may result in distorted post titles for some users.
  • The Meta Description should have a short 1 or 2 sentence description/teaser of your post.
  • The Meta Keywords should include relative search terms related to your post, industry and theDMA. (Please also check off the options to use post tags.)
  • If you scroll to the bottom you will also have the ability to publish your post under another (aka for another) author, if you have been given that level of access.

*Click on the image for a more detailed view