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No two memberships at DMA are alike, and we like it this way. It’s YOUR company’s membership. We have been serving our members in the ways that make sense for them for nearly 100 years.

Let DMA membership help you grow your company’s business, your career and your network:

  • Connections: The best networking opportunities in the industry. Big tent events, small niche events and respected awards.
  • Centers of Excellence, Coalitions and communities. We’ll connect you with the people you want to do business with.
  • Tools & Training: Professional certification and training for your entire marketing team – or the sales and services people who call on marketing teams. If you take data stewardship and high ethical standards seriously, you belong with DMA.
  • A Voice:  Leading industry lobbying and government advocacy. We keep the channels open, and protect our data-driven lifestyle.
  • Plus, all the great benefits that make the DMA Community strong. Learn More>>

If you believe in great marketing, then we believe in you. Please join us by having your company become a member today.


Not sure where you fit or what you need? Would you prefer to work with DMA to develop a custom membership for your company?

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