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DMA is the community that champions deeper consumer engagement and business value through the innovative and responsible use of data-driven marketing.

DMA’s membership and Board of Directors are made up of today’s leading tech and data innovators, brand marketers, agencies, service providers and media companies. By representing the entire marketing ecosystem – from demand side to supply side – DMA is uniquely positioned to bring win/win solutions to the market and ensure that innovative and disruptive marketing technology and techniques can be quickly applied for ROI.


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DMA: Your Voice. Your Innovation. Your Ambition. Your Network.

Today’s DMA brings together a remarkable community of leaders in the data, marketing, media and technology ecosystem. We provide the Advocacy, Innovation, Education and Connections that are generating measurable business results today for our members and nurturing the next generation of data scientists, data-inspired creatives, data technologists and data-driven marketers who are pushing the boundaries of marketing.



DMA is Your Advocate

The ability to responsibly use data is the foundation of successful marketing and advertising. But at any moment federal or state policies and regulations could severely curtail your ability to use data. DMA is your advocate before Congress, the federal agencies such as the FCC, FTC, and all 50 states protecting your ability to responsibly collect and use data and ensuring that the self-regulatory framework is strong and robust, and pre-empts the need for burdensome regulations.

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DMA Accelerates Your Return on Innovation

DMA leverages the entire marketing ecosystem to raise the bar of innovation for the benefit of all industry participants through our Structured Innovation Program. Throughout the year, DMA brings client and supply side members together to develop solutions, tools and resources that can help marketers more quickly embrace and benefit from new technologies and techniques, such as Cross-Device Identification.

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DMA Empowers You With Best-in-Class Education

DMA gives you immediate access to an empowering best-in-class education offering and suite of marketing intelligence research and benchmarks to ensure your organization and talent are second to none. Whether it’s credentialing your talent for the data-driven future with DMA certifications or culling from insightful and actionable research, you gain a powerful competitive edge with DMA’s research and education programs.

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DMA Connects You to the Marketing Landscape

By representing both buy and sell sides of the marketing ecosystem, DMA accelerates marketer and solution provider networking more effectively and efficiently than any other organization. DMA accelerates the process of scouting business partners and then building meaningful relationships with people who are leading ideas into action through our conferences, events and member communities.

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DMA Subsidiary and Affiliate Organizations

DMANF logo High Rez-01

The DMA Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) is a subsidiary of the DMA. DMANF works tirelessly on behalf of the nonprofit direct and interactive marketing community, aggressively and effectively advocating on postal, regulatory, legislative and accountability issues at every level of govern­ment…Learn More

The eec, the email marketing arm of DMA, is a global professional organization that strives to enhance the image of email marketing and communications, while celebrating and actively advocating its critical importance in business, and its ROI value…Learn More


  • No matter how big your market footprint, you still need access to key players in the industry.  At Google, we take seriously our role as a leader and want to participate at a high level.  The three key pillars of DMA programs – connections for growing your business, tools to improve your talent and treasure and a voice for the industry – these are things that are important to my business, too.
    - Arjan Dijk, Vice President, Marketing, Google
  • Working with DMA makes sure that our approach to personalized marketing at scale is done in a great privacy-safe way for people and the marketers that represent them. DMA really represents and protects consumer trust and privacy – which is very aligned with what we care about at Facebook – but also in a way that protects the industry and comes up with industry standards that all data-driven marketers need to live by.
    - Yvette Lui, Director, Global Partnerships, Facebook
  • And DMA has always been at the fore front from the days of postal to the days of direct mail - evolving through to the current best practice and standards in digital marketing and beyond. And to have a place where we can all combine and meet and deal and tackle with the challenges we have today and in the future – that’s the job of DMA, and that’s why we are all here.
    - Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath
  • We started working closely with DMA in terms of delivering education to IBM business partners. We have thousands and thousands of companies that really carry our messages and offerings forward to our mutual partners in the market place. Many of these companies are small and don’t have the skills to do really effective marketing at a level that they would like to. Working with DMA, we’ve been able to deliver a very strong set of offerings to help them build skills and help them build their marketing capabilities into this new and changing world.
    - Buell Duncan, VP, Portfolio Marketing, IBM
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