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Why are accountability and ethics so important to data-driven marketing and fundraising?

Because when an entire industry—whether marketers, data providers, publishers fundraisers, or advertisers comes together to ensure accountability, we face a bright future of innovation within a responsible, ethical environment. We know self-regulation is vital to preserve our future and to honor controls consumers seek regardless of the platform or service they use. Beyond legal compliance, DMA members are interested and concerned with the ethical path, doing the right thing for their users. We are here to lead ethical accountable marketing into the future.

DMA Accountability balances the need for strong, accountable action while preserving the ability of companies and organizations to innovate unencumbered by regulatory restrictions. No other organization both represents the most innovative organizations and devotes resources to honoring the trust that consumers hold in the preservation of their data to inform, enlighten and solve problems.

For Consumers

DMA has a robust consumer affairs department which handles thousands of consumer inquiries about marketing offers.

DMA offers consumers choices for their marketing offers via DMAchoice.org or for their online interest-based advertising through the Digital Advertising Alliance.

We expect all marketers and those working on their behalf to subscribe to these consumer suppression services to honor consumer preferences.

DMA honors consumers’ choices through its robust industry self-regulation. Consumers whose issues cannot be resolved may file an ethics complaint.

DMA convenes industry-led Committees that work to ensure consumer concerns are addressed. This includes a peer-review Committee that reviews case matters regarding potential infractions of DMA’s member Guidelines for Ethical Business Practices.

Each year, the DMA publishes an annual report that describes the work of the Committee and any bad actors that are not in compliance.

DMA publishes an ongoing list of non-compliant companies. This is updated periodically to ensure marketers are aware of these companies.

For Organizations and Practitioners:

DMA educates DMA members about key best practices important to all marketers and fundraisers. We hold issue-specific webinars and we offer a data certification for marketing professionals seeking to be certified as ethical data-practitioners.

We have a compliance resource center that offers white papers and other guidance documents to help members and this includes international issues such as the GDPR and the DMA Privacy Shield program.

DMA members may contact the DMA Accountability team to report a concern, ask a compliance question, or get active in an ethics committee by contacting us at ethics@thedma.org.

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