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Data Standards 2.0 Initiative for Marketing Industry


In our hyper-kinetic, over-regulated world, there are really only two things that marketers can count on today. One of them is that data, the life-force behind our ability to engage consumers in more meaningful ways to improve their lives, is front and center to the success of every marketer today. And, the other is that our ability to access and use marketing data responsibly is under constant threat by lawmakers and regulators.

We, as an industry, must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting the self-regulatory framework that governs our ability to access and use marketing data responsibly.

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shutterstock_4273068491. Be informed. Learn about DMA’s Data Standards 2.0 Initiative to protect your ability to responsibly use data. A growing list of leading organizations is working with DMA attorneys on an important industry-wide initiative to ensure that marketers may continue to responsibly gather and transform data into actionable insight under a fully revised set of data-centric, self-regulatory standards that allows innovation to flourish.

Called Data Standards 2.0, the new marketing regulations will provide guidance on permitted and prohibited uses of data that is generated through technology innovations. Data Standards 2.0 will tackle new high profile and emergent data issues and update DMA’s marketing compliance standards – DMA’s Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice – focusing them to be more relevant for today’s data practices.

“A critical aspect of Advocacy is Accountability. A vigilant self-regulation framework that includes enforcement is essential to our continued responsible use of data,” says Tom Benton, DMA CEO. Click here to read more from Tom’s blog.

Millenials on Mobile Devices2. Tackle the Future of Marketing. Better yet, succeed in it. DMA strives to champion deeper consumer engagement and business value through the responsible use of data-driven marketing. With these updated standards, the data and marketing industry will continue to assure consumers that their data is safe – and that data-driven marketing delivers real value in their lives.

Topics and issues being addressed in Data Standards 2.0:

  • Data security and breach notification
  • Compliance with health and children’s data privacy
  • Other-the-top (OTT) services
  • Smart TVs
  • Augmented Reality
  • The Internet of Things

Following the final release of the updated standards in October 2017, DMA will incorporate the rules into its education offerings and certification training models to ensure the data and marketing industry can come into full compliance with its Data Standards 2.0.

3. Get Involved. Help DMA shape the future, now. In early 2017, DMA will be soliciting input with a broader group of DMA members and industry participants for socialization and refinement to cultivate buy-in for true industry adoption and self-regulation. Several dozen leading marketing, agency, tech and data companies have already joined the Data Standards 2.0 Advisory Council, which is laying the groundwork for the standards. Click here to learn more about joining the Council.

“If the marketing and advertising industry is to continue to be trusted to use that data responsibly, to do so with the consumer’s interests in mind and to operate under a self-regulatory framework, then we need to anticipate and get right how to treat the data that these amazing innovations are producing,” said Sheila Colclasure, Global Executive for Privacy and Public Policy for Acxiom and DS 2.0 Advisory Council member.

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