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Marketers today are fighting against serious challenges from policy makers and regulators who threaten their ability to access and use data responsibly.  Harnessing the power of more than 1,200 leading brands and over 100,000 member participants, DMA is dedicated to helping marketers responsibly use data to drive customer relationships based on results and trust.

No other organization represents the interests of the entire data-driven marketing ecosystem more effectively in Washington and across all 50 states on issues like: Data Privacy, Security, Breach Notifications and Preserving the Deductibility of Advertising.

Lean in as an advocate. Take action and multiply our collective force.

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A marketing force multiplier

Updates on Key DMA Issues:

DMA Invites Advertising and Marketing Industry Leaders to Examine Data Responsibility & Ethics

DMA and DMA Nonprofit Federation Urge Halt to Dramatic Postal Rate Increases

California Initiative Poses Risks for Responsible Data-Driven Marketing

Amplifying Your Influence


Sheila Colclasure of Acxiom at DMA's &THEN

Nothing great is ever accomplished alone. That’s why DMA Coalitions and Advisory Councils are so critical to your own success as a data-driven marketer.

DMA Coalitions are your force multiplier for coordinating industry action on important legislative and policy issues. They provide you with a forum to discuss and strategize on relevant legislative and regulatory issues that data-driven marketers face today. Coalitions include DMA Members from across the entire marketing ecosystem – including media, technology, and creative experts — along with seasoned, connected government advocacy professionals and insiders.

DMA’s Committee Focused on the Ethical Use of Data has brought together several dozen leading marketing, agency, tech and data companies to regularly review and revise the set of data-centric, self-regulatory standards that allows innovation to flourish.

DMA’s Political Action Committee (PAC), Direct Voice PAC, is the marketing industry’s leading PAC. Founded in 1993 and funded through voluntary contributions from eligible member company employees, its sole purpose is to elect non-partisan candidates for federal office who support policies and legislation that advances and protects responsible data-driven marketing.

Which DMA Coaltions are Right for You?

Opening Access to Policymakers

Marketers Access to Policymakers

DMA provides perspective through events that offer “inside access” to policymakers and regulators.

DMA’s events and conferences feature federal and congressional policymakers speaking on issues that affect your data and marketing practices.

DMA Capitol Hill Days, led by DMA’s Advocacy team, features a full day of appointments with members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House on issues critical to your business and the industry.

What Doors can we Open for You?

Senator Thom Tillis with Marketers

Giving You a Window on Government Affairs

Window in Capitol Hill Building

Maneesha Mithal, Assoc. Director of FTC at DMA's Dynamic State of Data

DMA provides timely, informative and vital updates that keep you current on policy issues affecting your business .

State Legislative Monitoring – As a DMA Member, utilize our State Legislative Monitoring platform to receive daily, customizable legislative updates.

Global Email Marketing Guide – As a DMA Member, you receive this free comprehensive guide that covers anti-spam and data protection laws and regulations in 77 jurisdictions.

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Equipping you with Powerful Research


DMA commissions and conducts ground-breaking research that you can use to position your business to your customers and policymakers as part of a dynamic industry delivering innovation and benefits to consumers and driving U.S. economic growth.

State of Data – A study with research compiled by Winterberry Group, in partnership with IAB, which shows that U.S. companies will have spent $10.05 billion on third-party audience data in 2017 for advertising and marketing efforts.

DMA Statistical Fact Book – This data-rich benchmarking report highlights opportunities and challenges for marketers. The Statistical Fact Book ensures that you can advocate and support policies on the basis of facts about the industry.

Next-Generation TV White Paper – This report provides an overview of the consumer and economic benefits of Next-Generation TV and over-the-top streaming services. This research will give you a clear picture of the current legal and regulatory landscape around which the Next-Generation TV ecosystem currently exists and the DMA-advocated approach involving robust self-regulation to ensure the continued cultivation of innovation in the ecosystem.

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