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Data-Driven Marketing Institute Research

DDMI Bridges the Divide with Research and Engagement.

DDMI conducts independent, academic research that answers vital questions about on how data is changing our industry and our lives:

  • What is the economic value of data-driven innovation?
  • What consumer value is derived from responsible data-driven innovation?
  • How are consumer attitudes toward data-driven marketing and data innovation evolving?

DDMI also provides the platform to make sure this vital research informs and shifts the policy debates that threaten data-driven marketing. By engaging industry, policymakers, the press and consumers, DDMI works to ensure that the data-driven future remains bright:

  •  Data Defense Bulletins keep you informed about threats on the horizon, and DDMI’s work to set the record straight.
  • Thought leadership forums make DDMI the leading authority on the value of data-driven marketing in policy circles.
  • Policymaker briefings ensure data literacy on Capitol Hill, across the Nation and across the Atlantic.
  • Media and consumer engagement shift the conversation from privacy concerns to data appreciation.

STUDY: Consequences for Insight, Innovation and Efficiency in the U.S. Economy

This study, updating the seminal 2013 report of the same name, quantifies the value of the Data-Driven Marketing Economy (DDME), both in terms of revenues generated for the U.S. economy and jobs fueled across the nation. Commissioned by ANA and undertaken by Professors John Deighton of Harvard Business School and Peter Johnson of mLightenment Economic Impact Research and recent Columbia University professor, the study fills a significant gap in understanding about the economic growth in the U.S. economy fueled by data-driven marketing.

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