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Nothing great is ever accomplished alone. That’s why DMA provides you with the opportunity to get involved in advocating for current policy issues affecting your business. From attending events that offer access to policymakers and regulators to joining Coalitions and Advisory Councils to signing up for our member-only newsletter, Direct From Washington, or our member-only State Legislative Monitoring tool, DMA gives you the resources you need to succeed as a data-driven marketer.

shutterstock_427306849Data Standards

DMA is bringing together leading organizations to review DMA’s industry-wide standards for responsible data practices and take a fresh look at establishing new self-regulatory guidelines where necessary as dictated by evolving technology and capabilities. Join the several leading marketing, agency, tech and data companies that have already joined the Ethical Use of Data Advisory Coalition. Click here if you are interested in joining the Ethical Use of Data Advisory Coalition.

shutterstock_309698858 (1)Coalitions

DMA has a number of coalitions, comprised of DMA member organizations and other associations, which combine for coordinated industry action on important legislative and policy issues. Our policy coalitions are vital in shaping the discussion on data-driven marketing legislation and regulations. Click here to view a list of our coalitions.

legislationState Legislative Monitoring

DMA’s legislative monitoring service keeps members updated with new and moving legislation from all 50 states. Updated daily, the DMA state legislative monitoring system is available to all DMA members as a free benefit of membership, and includes all state legislative actions on a variety of issue areas important to data-driven marketers. Please email advocacy@thedma.org for access to this service.

shutterstock_131100503Direct Voice PAC

DMA’s political action committee which helps to build relationships with key congressional leaders and help elect federal candidates who advance and protect responsible data-driven marketing policies. Direct Voice PAC aims to increase awareness about direct marketing and to ensure members of Congress share the goals and values of the data-driven marketing industry.

DMA members benefit greatly from our Advocacy programs.
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