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Legislative and Policy Coalitions

DMA advances and protects data-driven marketing at the legislative and regulatory levels on the Federal and state levels in the United States, as well as in Europe. We can’t do this without the support, participation and input of our members. DMA members are invited to participate in our Legislative Coalitions in the following areas of interest listed below.

Members of our Coalitions are typically marketing leaders, privacy and legal professionals and legislative affairs teams. Any employee of a member company can participate in a DMA Legislative Coalition. Most Coalitions meet monthly for one hour, in person in Washington, DC with a dial in option. Meetings are “closed door” (no public or press) and include working sessions and feedback collection on specific legislation.

DMA has a number of coalitions, comprised of DMA member organizations and other associations, which combine for coordinated industry action on important legislative and policy issues. Our policy coalitions are vital in shaping the discussion on data-driven marketing legislation and regulations. See a list of our coalitions below:

  • Data Policy Alliance (DPA), DMA’s premiere policy coalition, focuses on coordinated engagement on Capitol Hill and federal agencies regarding a host of data policy issues. Informing and educating members on leading policy issues, the DPA ensures that effective regulation and legislation protects the value of the Data-Driven marketing Economy far into the future. Learn more about the issue.
  • Safe Harbor/EU Data Policy Task Force works to shape the dialogue between the U.S. and EU to ensure that safe and effective transatlantic data flows continue, through the Safe Harbor Framework and through all avenues relevant to international data flows. Learn more about the issue.
  • Student and Kids Privacy Coalition focuses particularly on legislative and regulatory proposals related to student and children’s privacy issues. Learn more about the issue.
  • Postal Coalition provides a forum for information sharing and coordination on postal regulation and legislation, remaining actively engaged in issues related to comprehensive postal reform, and postal exigency increases. Learn more about the issue.
  • State Affairs Coalition works to shape the discussion on a host of data policy issues at the state level, providing members with active information sharing and coordination across the states. See our past accomplishments.
  • Telemarketing Coalition keeps members informed and engaged on legislation and regulatory practices relevant to the telemarketing community, including providing compliance guidance on changing legislation and practices. Learn more about the issue.

To learn more and participate in a coalition, contact us.

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