In a live TV interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line”, Jerry Cerasale, senior VP of government affairs for DMA, weighed in on the online sales tax debate.”  Jerry didn’t pull any punches about the proposed bill that would give states the power to require remote sellers, including e-commerce sites and catalogers, to collect sales tax:

“What this bill really does is allow states to cross their borders and force out-of-state companies to become their unpaid tax collectors.  And we don’t think that’s a fair, level playing field.  They have no political power in the states that are trying to force them to do the tax-collecting.”

To view the full interview, please click here.  Feel free also to post comments to the Bottom Line website, as that helps media teams understand the value of such coverage to their audience.

It’s a busy season in Congress and on the Hill this month.  More coverage on this and other pressing government affairs issues is in my earlier post this week.  All DMA members can support these issues by taking DMAAction now.