MozillaDMA is always about our two foundational principles of consumer protection: Notice and choice.

That’s why we wholeheartedly support the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) “Stop Mozilla” campaign — with its centerpiece advertisement in Advertising Age this week.   Mozilla wants to decide for consumers what advertising they will see, by controlling the placement and use of cookies.  We think that is wrong – and bad for everyone’s business.

No one should decide for consumers how their data is collected and used for marketing purposes. Not DMA, not the Government and not a single business or technology provider.   Of course there are already strict legal requirements for use of data regarding health, financial and children. Advertising data, used responsibly for marketing purposes, is already ably and widely managed by consumers via the DAA Ad Options program, giving consumers control over cookie placement and use, as well as what ads they see.  There is no need for Mozilla to impart its own will, under the guise of consumer protection.

Mozilla -or Microsoft or Google or any browser owner – shouldn’t get to decide for consumers.   If you agree, send an email to to:

  • Tell Mozilla not to proceed with its plans; and,
  • Provide the DAA any examples or anecdotes you’d like to share about how Mozilla’s approach might negatively affect the Internet ecosystem.

And share this blog post with your own network, or join the cause on Linked In.  This is a great way for DMA members to support a cause that benefits consumers – and our industry.

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