In a word, “yes.” For those of you not familiar with fundraising, one key part of the DMA membership includes hundreds of incredible and dedicated organizations that raise money from the public using fundraising channels (direct mail, email, telephone, mobile…etc.,) They are scrutinized under a restrictive and contradictory set of standards by a tiny group of self-appointed “watchdogs” who have decided the only measure of the worth of a charity is its efficiency or a number. Meanwhile, organizations that are saving lives, feeding the starving, and researching disease do not always have the benefit of being efficient. Some campaigns may fail due to the new charity just starting out, or a cause that is not possible to fund due to local economic downturns, or a mission that is controversial or costly to advocate as it may be difficult to reach the public for support. We ask that charities not be rated solely by efficiency scores, but by their impact. We are in process of releasing newer principles on fundraising and will keep you apprised. For now, be wary of a random score for a charity—instead; examine the full picture and stay tuned for more…our site for nonprofits is

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