way of warrantTo the average person, the legal process behind government information requests and search warrants can seem mysterious and frightening.   (Heck, it’s confusing to many in the business, too!)  Who wants my information? How can they use it? How much of my information is accessible by the government?  What’s there to stop overreaches and abuses of power?

To remove some of the mystery, Google recently made a video that uses stop-motion animation to represent the process involved, depicting officials as LEGO game pieces and the multi-step process as a twisty path in a board game.  They show with plain language how there are multiple steps, barriers, and people that come between the government and your personal information, so that your privacy is protected, and legitimate legal needs are respected.  Check out “Way of a Warrant” here.   Millions of people already have, too.

DMA applauds Google efforts to educate consumers and participate in responsible marketing practices and consumer protection.  What a great way to start the conversation!

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