I’m so pleased to report that yesterday, the DMANF Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) announced its new Fundraising Principles & Best Practices for Accountability in Fundraising. These new principles are so important — because they remind organizations that they hold a precious and essential public trust — and we know that today’s donors expect nonprofits to be both accountable and transparent.

Of course, legitimate organizations understand this responsibility, and already hold themselves and others accountable when fundraising — by explaining their fundraising process to their donors and using donated funds wisely and as promised.  Likewise, legitimate nonprofit organizations seek to fulfill their missions using the highest ethical fundraising standards — and our new principles were created to provide the appropriate guidelines.

A few of the guidelines outlined in the Fundraising Principles include:

  • Nonprofits must have a well-defined mission statement describing what they do and why. Clear articulation of mission helps donors choose whether or not to support a particular cause or organization.
  • Nonprofits must act in a way that furthers their mission. This includes responsible use of resources consistent with their stated mission objectives.
  • Messaging to donors must be accurate and transparent. A nonprofit organization must accurately describe how it spends its money, and must do what it promises to do.
  • Nonprofits must apply good faith effort to comply with relevant federal and state laws and regulations.

We ask our members to review the principles to ensure their adherence to the standards when working with any third parties or agencies that provide fundraising support. We expect our members to hold themselves and the industry to the highest standards of accountability. These new principles will help them do just that.

Please let us know how YOU use these principles to strengthen and ensure donor trust.


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