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Proximity Colombia turns the “Skip Ad” button into an “Escape Ad” for Avianca and Visa.

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Over the last 30 years, the Garde-Manger Pour Tous (GMPT), a community organization, has distributed 3,000 warm balanced meals daily to 22 schools located in disadvantaged Montreal neighbourhoods. Despite their substantial impact on these children’s lives, the organization is still relatively unknown to the general public.

Everyone knows about all the major causes, on national or international levels. But we know a lot less about the little ones. The local causes. They’re less known and less funded. But they are no less important. People don’t realize even small organizations like the GMPT can have a powerful impact on society thanks to the impressive work they do every day. The objective was to increase the general public’s awareness of the Garde-Manger Pour Tous, and to familiarize Montrealers with the organization’s mission.

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The Banner Ad That Can See What You See

Since the concept “smart home products” was fairly unknown to the public, the overall strategy of the campaign was to show Vattenfall’s wide range of smart home products in a way that could prove to be as smart, and relevant, as the actual products. The strategic choice of platform/media was Hemnet – Sweden’s largest real estate website. Each week 25% of the Swedish population browse the site and look at images of houses – a lot of people are not even looking for a new home, they just browse the site for inspiration. In order to get the users of to consider smart home products, we decided to target them when these products are truly relevant to them. Delivering the right message and expose the right product in the right context at the right time through the right channel to the right individuls.

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