Last Thursday morning at Integrated Marketing Week (IMW) began with “Extraordinary vs. Extra Ordinary: Why Inspiration is the Key,” a lively and motivational keynote presentation by Steve Arthur, Google’s head of industry, retail.

Arthur pointed out that multichannel strategies are being driven by the largest retailers, so a great deal of research is focused on consistency across channels. He noted, however, that there is an argument to be made for focusing on inconsistency, as some businesses are still succeeding even though they may be employing channel-specific strategies.

Inspiration, Arthur explained, is at the heart of merchandising.  But even with inspiration, businesses cannot afford to be siloed.  Competencies, he said, must be horizontal, rather than vertical.

“The future CMO has to be a beacon for the rest of the company,” he said. “You cannot have a customer-centric organization unless you weave your product and advertising teams in your customer experiences and align horizontally.”

So… How do YOU shine as a beacon of inspiration for your organization?



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