The following is an excerpt from a new eBook from Ernan Roman, author of “Voice of the Customer Marketing” and “Opt In Marketing.”   The ebook is available free. from the author.

erdm 5 strategies ebookThis eBook provides strategies and actions for transforming your customer experience.   That is a pretty tall order! However, author Ernan Roman has been leading the industry with his Voice of the Customer methodology for decades, and this eBook captures actionable, practical tips for turning your marketing into customer-driven relationships.  In our modern, social and digital-lifestyle-driven society, marketing has become more about engagement than broadcast.

This brief eBook is well organized and will have you quickly applying new ideas to your own programs.


eBook excerpt:

Strategy One:  Understand How Customers Define “Customer Experience”

The starting point for developing your Customer Experience strategies should be to understand how customers define “Customer Experiences.”

The following 6 point definition is based on over 10,000 hours of VoC Research  conducted by our firm, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, (ERDM) for clients such as MassMutual, Norton AntiVirus, NBC Universal, IBM, QVC and Microsoft.

BtoB and BtoC decision makers said that the following 6 points comprise a competitively differentiating Customer Experience:

  1. Improve the Customer Experience across every point of contact with your organization.
  2. “Improve the Customer Experience” applies to all elements of the media mix and all departments in your organization.
  3. High quality experiences must be maintained throughout the relationship and “not just when you are selling or renewing.”
  4. Customer experiences must be driven by individual preferences regarding: message,timing, frequency and media mix.
  5. Preferences must drive high quality personalization of communications and experiences.
  6. Privacy of preference information is essential.

Case Study: Gets High Scores on Engaging Emails.


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Author Ernan Roman is president of Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, and was inducted into the DMA Marketing Hall of Fame based on the dramatic results companies achieve with the three Custsomer Experience methodologies he created: Voice the Customer Relationship Research, Integrated Direct Marketing and Opt In Marketing.  His latest book is  Voice of the Customer Marketing, and you can also get weekly doses of his wisdom in the widely read Huffgington Post blog, Ernan’s Insights on Marketing Best Practices.

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