We all have a lot of data and integration challenges, particulary when it comes to good decision making for digital marketing and analytics. That’s why it’s always so great to learn how other marketers are dealing with the need to connect the dots between the marketing and information systems, especially when bringing customer data and marketing efforts together.

Teradata is supporting a great Digital Marketing Analytics Roundtable this week on Thursday, June 21st, sponsored by the Center for Complexity in Business at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and the University of Maryland.  Several Aprimo customers will be speakers at the event, –including International Speedway Corp, American Red Cross and Nationwide.   .

I love the phrase, “connecting the dots,” which is in the title of this session.  Without a doubt, the line to connect between data and marketing can only be drawn by analytics that are relevant, functional and automated, giving users the ability to find the right piece of information precisely when they need it. Of course, this is a multi-faceted challenge, capturing and utilizing data that enables segmentation and customized, multi-touch conversations

The Panel this week (to be held in  Washington, D.C. in case you can join us) will examine these challenges from  different perspectives:

  • What is Digital Marketing Analytics and what benefits does it provide?
  • How can you successfully implement Digital Marketing Analytics?
  • Where is Digital Marketing Analytics headed?

Digital marketing and big data analytics continue to be a work in progress (more dots still being connected). Even so, through my work at Aprimo, I know that data-driven customer connections are the future – and not because Aprimo says so.  They are imperatives for marketers because customer behavior is cross channel, cross business unit and cross device. The only path to higher relevancy, response and revenues is to take a campaign management approach to digital marketing: Using all the data you have to follow and nurture the customer journey, make better decisions about offers and timing and be responsive in real time.

I’m excited for APrimo to support this event because  automation and integrating marketing management solutions can do things for you really well, but they can NOT think for you. We all need these tools in our arsenals, and we all need our collective wisdom to optimize them.

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