One idea that can get lost is the need for marketing teams to put the customer needs over the needs of internal teams.  Often, internal influences on the marketing department can sometimes usurp the customer voice.  It happens all the time – processes get in the way of the best lifecycle timing, CEO preference or Product direction trump customer choice, technology limits segmentation utilization, and new product announcements take precedence over the messaging cadence and governance rules.

This article in MarketingProfs by SAS executive Wilson Raj is great in lots of ways, but I particularly like the reminder at the bottom, “The external customer must be the primary driver of technology strategy. And as IT puts the customer at the locus of IT planning, deployment, and support, marketing analytics will redirect its traditional focus from delivering value to internal clients to align with marketing’s external customer emphasis. At the same time, frontline agents and customer-facing systems will deliver consistent answers to customer needs at specific touchpoints to create a compelling and customized brand experience.”

Wilson also has a lot of good tips in this piece about how marketers and IT teams need to understand each other’s language, and work toward common goals.

Are you able to stand firm and advocate for customers – even when internal pressure and lack of common language among functional teams get in the way?  Your courage on behalf of customers should result in higher revenue. Tell your story below and we’d love to feature your success here in DMA Advance.


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