A new slate of Board of Directors and Executive Committee leaders took office in October 2013.   This is the second in a series of interviews with the new leadership, following one with new Board Chairman JoAnne Monfradi Dunn.  Arjan Dijk is Vice President, SMB Marketing for Google and  serves as Vice Chair of the DMA Board of Directors.


Linda Woolley:  Arjan, it’s a pleasure to have someone of your global experience and marketing prowess on the Board, you have a pretty big job at Google.   Why does DMA board membership make sense for you?

ARJAN:   No matter how big your market footprint, you still need access to key players in the industry.  At Google, we take seriously our role as a leader and want to participate at a high level.  Also, and perhaps most selfishly, we get specific value from DMA education and certification programs – in fact, every new marketer at Google is put through the DMA Professional Certification course.

The three key pillars of DMA programs – a voice for the industry, connections for growing your business and tools to improve your talent and treasure – these are things that are important to my business, too.

LINDA: What are the most important things that you want to see DMA accomplish this coming year?

ARJAN:   Nearly 40% of businesses around the world do not have a web presence today. That is an astonishingly high number of businesses that could be benefiting from data-driven marketing, but are not yet.  DMA has an opportunity to reach out and not only educate these business owners on the value of the digital marketing ecosystem, but also to make sure they enter the ecosystem as responsible players.   With so much government scrutiny on our need to respect and protect consumer data, it’s vitally important that both new and longtime participants in our data-driven marketing economy are up to date on the industry guidelines that DMA produces and enforces.

LINDA:  With the membership profile of DMA evolving, what opportunities does that open for members like you?

ARJAN:  The profile of DMA membership has certainly evolved over the years, and I am always working to help DMA  expand programs to meet the needs of modern marketers.    More and more, DMA represents the needs of the ad:tech and technology sectors, and Google intends to be at the forefront of that evolution.   Certainly new initiatives like the improved data governance course and the new compliance programming through the National Center for Data-Driven Marketing (NCDM) are examples, but also the improved networking and task forces among digital marketers and ad-tech, evidenced at the recent DMA13 conference and in other programs.

DMA membership is not something that you print out and hang on the wall. It’s a living, dynamic experience, and you will get so much more out of your membership dollars – and do more good for the industry – when you and your team get active.  I encourage every member to join a committee, take a class, get certified, host a party at an event, and speak on a panel.  Be an active part of the largest community of smart marketers, get involved, and take advantage of the resources.



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