DMA 360 is a cutting edge, custom built platform that allows members of the DMA to keep up with the rapidly changing marketing landscape. DMA 360 allows buyers of media and marketing services to learn the best new marketing techniques and to discover the best new media and marketing service companies. Every Thursday, we deliver some of the top insights from the platform in Thursday 360.

Test Drive

A brief instructional video for using this cutting edge platform and learn how to upload your own content. On DMA 360, members of the community can connect, collaborate, community curate, and post their own videos and other media files. It’s your own data and marketing intelligence command center, available 24/7.

Learn the many ways you can benefit from your DMA 360 experience


Drink Up

In the US 80% of millennials have never tried Coke Zero. They perceive it to be just “another” diet drink with poor taste. In fact, Diet Colas in general have suffered from stigma attached to them with consumers often rejecting them due to perceived bad taste and unwillingness to compromise. And since Coke Zero has been around for 10 years, they just ignore it. However research shows that 60% of people who do try Coke Zero, like it. So much so that they go on to repeat purchase. So our challenge was to create a campaign that would grab the attention of the ever elusive and uninterested millennial with one main goal: to drive trial in order to influence sales growth.

Discover Secrets Behind Coke’s Ground-Breaking Drinkable Ad Campaign


Fighting Ad Fraud

adChain is an open protocol on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows for the building of decentralized applications for the $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem

The first solution of adChain is the adChain Registry, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain which stores domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holders. ADT holders will access a token-weighted voting mechanism through a user interface to vote on whether a publisher domain is fraudulent or non-fraudulent.

Find out how DMA and MetaX are partnering to block ad fraud

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